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Matt Jessop Matt Jessop
19/04/2017 20:42:07
"Many many thanks ! I stumbled across your site whilst looking for airpods given Apple have a 6 week delay to deliver. Within a few days I had emails alerting me to stock but was always too slow. However on 13/04 I got an email saying had stock and managed to place an order, albeit I was very dubious they would be able to supply. Today (19/04) I took delivery of my shiny new airpods ! Many thanks to you for this site, I have recommended it to many friends and colleagues who are looking for hard-to-find tech ! Thanks again"
Russell Davey Russell Davey
20/04/2017 22:05:23
"I'm so amazed by the intelligence of the people who have built this website - the fact that it's automatically updating in real-time with stock levels from so many sources is beyond impressive! Thank you for providing it for free!"
K Denton K Denton
27/04/2017 10:34:04
"With your fantabulous service managed to get my Nintendo switch yesterday "
Krissie L Krissie L
12/05/2017 10:43:39
"Searching for these everywhere, went to town every day this week at stupid o'clock, and they were out of stock every day. Very frustrating. Searched for a stock checker and you were first and I'm so glad I click on your page! I just ordered 3 from toys r us, thanks again!! Very happy child! :-) "
Gina Gregory Gina Gregory
15/05/2017 15:55:45
"Well impressed with stock informer, email received as soon as Nintendo switch was in stock, so was able to go online to order for collection the next day. One little boy will be so happy. Will use this service again for sure."
Tony Tony
24/05/2017 16:24:20
"Thanks to the push notification from the site I was informed of availability of the Nintendo Switch from Tesco and got one delivered the following day"
Peter Fynney Peter Fynney
27/05/2017 09:07:17
"Excellent service, been trying for ages to buy Apple AirPods, it's been tiring search the web continually, received an email from stockinformer that John Lewis had stock, went online and placed my order. Thank you stockinformer, will use you again."

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