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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Amazon Germany

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Amazon Germany
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krikey krikey
22/04/2017 12:45
if you are lucky enough to get one from will it need an adapter does anyone know.
krikey krikey - 22/04/2017 12:48
sorry silly question too many nightshifts,of course you do.

janet5656 janet5656 - 22/04/2017 12:54
no adapter needed. u plug a mobile charger in to the mains supply and then connect the usp in to the back of the tv and that powers it up. I see that smyths toy shop has taken the console off the website. Did u say that smyths would have stock and seel it in june. I think it looks like they wont have any stock now

krikey krikey - 22/04/2017 13:30
yes very strange but think it very unlikely they wont get any stock,will investigate further.

janet5656 janet5656 - 22/04/2017 14:24
so u still think that they will get some stock then. they have just taken it off for now to put it back on later. maybe they have just received soem or about to put it on.

krikey krikey - 22/04/2017 20:00
I have seen them taking plenty of other items off their site and then reappear,the other possibility is they might only sell instore.

janet5656 janet5656 - 22/04/2017 20:28
yes other places have to. i know we will see if it is just in store i have no way of knowing. i am not trapesing about on the slight chance they might have some.

krikey krikey - 22/04/2017 23:50
I would not worry I am sure some decent soul on here will have the nous to pick up a few of these.

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