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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Argos

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Argos
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Admin Administrator
- Sticky Forum Post 24/11/2016 16:58


  • Our Argos store checker links directly with the Argos system. With the current demand for the Nintendo Mini NES, reservations are currently getting snapped up almost immediately.
  • During stock shortages, Argos rarely put stock up for Home Delivery. It will go straight to the stores.
  • Do NOT rely on receiving an email alert to find you stock. We will send emails on a case by case basis. It is pointless us sending thousands of emails if a retailer only has a few units of stock which get snapped up almost immediately. Just leads to further frustration.
  • Please do not swap Argos reservation numbers. We can get into trouble for this. If you don't need it, don't get it. Offending Posts WILL be DELETED and user accounts suspended without warning.
  • Please do not attempt to sell Hatchimals on this forum. There is another well known website for that.

guest233295 guest233295
17/03/2017 13:17
21st and 22nd sorry
Admin Administrator - 17/03/2017 13:37
Thanks, that's good to know.

janet5656 janet5656 - 21/03/2017 17:00
i am not sure the stock is coming in today or tommorrow.

janet5656 janet5656 - 23/03/2017 12:58
hi james did u pick the nes up.

guest233295 guest233295
17/03/2017 13:17
New stock apparently coming in 21st and 23rd this month
janet5656 janet5656 - 17/03/2017 13:39
ok, thanks for that. What areas will that be as argos dont seem to do a mainstream delivery just certain hub deliveries. Hope so as argos keep on changing their dates all the time. When did u ask them this. was it in the store.

guest233295 guest233295 - 17/03/2017 17:28
All areas i think. This was yesterday, found out by the system. James 36 herefordshire

DJSmartyP DJSmartyP
08/03/2017 08:25
Just picked up one from Chesterfield...defo check in store as the in store has the listing while the website doesnt

Cityrocker Cityrocker
05/03/2017 15:02
In stock in both Manchester Hulme and Bradford foster square.

Cityrocker Cityrocker
05/03/2017 15:01
Best to go inside and check on system. Old screen page works best.
guest239798 guest239798 - 07/03/2017 16:03
correct, i picked up one in my local argos (bracknell), plus i was in high wycombe yesterday and it said pay now collect after 4pm, so stock is flowing to the stores.

guest233295 guest233295
24/02/2017 13:13
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When is next batch in, does anyone know
Admin Administrator - 24/02/2017 14:31
Sorry, can't say for sure, but I suspect it's not imminent with Argos.

U1tra U1tra
23/02/2017 10:30
Boom! Thanks. Shepton Mallet Argos will live long in my memory as the Mecca of the south west.

Victoria Cooke Victoria Cooke
22/02/2017 19:16
Finally got one! Thanks so much Stock Informer! I shall have a happy 15 year old on his Birthday!! Getting it for his Birthday instead of Christmas now!!
Admin Administrator - 22/02/2017 19:30
no worries, glad you found the website useful Smile

janet5656 janet5656 - 22/02/2017 23:10
i reserved some nes mini consoles at argos on saturday at 3 oclock and they said that they would be avilable from tommorrow till friday and now told that they dont have stock. I dont get that because i reserved them 3 or 4 days before the stock actually went for sale on argos websire 4 days later. they should of bee aloocated to me.

Aims7950 Aims7950 - 23/02/2017 00:02
Maybe because you ordered more than one. I tried to order two from another supplier and had my order cancelled. 😳 best to wait to reserve until the stock is showing in the store

janet5656 janet5656 - 23/02/2017 12:09
i know what you are saying but if Ii reserved on the store computers before they came in to stock they should fulfill it.

squiggledee72 squiggledee72 - 08/03/2017 15:25
why would you need more than one unless you are looking to profit. resellers deprive the real people who genuinely want the product. glad the order got cancelled.

janet5656 janet5656 - 18/03/2017 03:51
You don't know why I would need more than one do you? You are just presuming. It could be for a friend or maybe the fact that I want one to play on and one to keep as a collectable. I managed to get 2 anyway from argos when they came in to stock anyway at 6 in the morning using this stock alert. Dont be silly and immature.

Aims7950 Aims7950
21/02/2017 20:57
Thank you stock informer! You came through with the PSVR and now again with the Nes mini. Wouldn't have either without you!👍

Mike1977 Mike1977
21/02/2017 15:14
in stock on the Isle of Wight now

guest236648 guest236648
21/02/2017 07:54
Was on the toilet when the stock alarm went off - quickest I've ever jumped off the throne and now I finally have a NES classic! Thank you so much! Big Grin
guest236648 guest236648 - 21/02/2017 07:55
Collecting it in just over an hour, so excited

guest236839 guest236839 - 21/02/2017 08:06
Like This Item
Best comment i've ever seen haha

guest237952 guest237952
21/02/2017 07:11
Yes! After weeks of looking, finally got one! Can also be delivered as well as being collected in store, so due a delivery this afternoon! Thank you guys!

guest207143 guest207143
21/02/2017 06:58
YESSS!!! Finally my Secret Santa will get his gift! Thanks Stock Informer!!! Lots of stores with stock!

guest187039 guest187039
21/02/2017 06:06
I believe argos have some in right now. I have reserved one so hopefully when i get into store it'll be there
Admin Administrator - 21/02/2017 06:57
They sure are back in stock at Argos, we have re-instated the Argos store checker and there is currently Nintendo Mini NES stock throughout the UK for pickup at local Argos stores Dance

guest187039 guest187039 - 21/02/2017 12:36
Thanks for all your help 😚

Dean reseller Dean reseller
15/02/2017 06:51
Gremlins page gone now false alarm peeps

Dean reseller Dean reseller
15/02/2017 06:06
Admin can you have a look and see what you think thanks Dean.
Admin Administrator - 15/02/2017 07:37
Hi Dean, yes the Argos product page re-appeared yesterday, so I re-instated the store checker. Looks like now they only had 2 units to sell! Will take it back down this morning.

Dean reseller Dean reseller - 15/02/2017 08:18
Ok thanks managed to get one from Tesco earlier nothing but respect for this site and all the good work you do thanks very much stock informer Big Grin Big Grin

Admin Administrator - 15/02/2017 09:57
No worries, glad you managed to get yourself sorted this morning with Tesco Big Grin

Dean reseller Dean reseller
15/02/2017 04:47
Anyone on argos site they going live soon I think

guest176454 guest176454
27/12/2016 16:19
Seems like they have them instore only
janet5656 janet5656 - 02/01/2017 14:26
Does any one know when these are coming back in stock?

Nintendomini Nintendomini
16/12/2016 12:13
Have you all seen they have stock on nintendo site!

Renate Zapletal Renate Zapletal
16/12/2016 10:35
So no more to be had for the last 10 days or so. Except the ones from the opportunists selling at 3 times the price *sigh*
Nintendomini Nintendomini - 16/12/2016 12:14
Nintendo site now!

Renate Zapletal Renate Zapletal - 16/12/2016 17:11
missed it as no stock alerts and at work :-(

guest198929 guest198929
12/12/2016 17:43
I've got a feeling that I'm going to have to resort to ebay! What's everyone else thinking?
guest213105 guest213105 - 12/12/2016 17:54
I won't, no matter how much I want it, or thecr*ppy alternative that I may have to come up with heheheh, I just don't like greedy resellers. One thing is to buy something, then find you don't need it and sell it. Other is to contribute to stock disappearance to take advantage of it all. Stay strong, new stock will appear, I'm sure Smile

Samlouise Samlouise - 12/12/2016 18:05
Im fed up of wanting to get one, me & my partner want to play the old games but i wanted to play it on xmas day with my kids aswell its just nice to have it on that day but if i have to il wait till next yr i will il never buy it off ebay cuz i dont think its worth paying that price. It says £249 on game are they having a laugh.

guest198929 guest198929 - 12/12/2016 18:06
I know if my children still beloved in santa it would be a different matter and I would have already resorted to eBay!! I'm keeping everything crossed, not just because it is a Christmas present but also mario was a firm favourite of mine too!! X

Samlouise Samlouise - 12/12/2016 18:17
I agree mine are 14 & 11 and they are wondering what the game is like and i love donkey kong we used to play it for hours. Ive just bought my daughter the portable sega megadrive with 30 old games on it, was only £20 from argos, i think she'll like that. I wanted to pre order the nintendo classic but i had a load of love 2 shop vouchers and no money & it had to be ordered online in cash. I dunno whether to believe the shops if they have the game it feels like theyre lying to me lol i dont like it.

guest198929 guest198929 - 12/12/2016 18:41
I remember my mum going through the same with my brother (he's a few years younger than me!) turtles, Tracey island etc, they always managed to get one in time though! Do you think stores have them in then?? x

Samlouise Samlouise - 12/12/2016 19:44
Sainsburys in wolves are getting a delivery wednesday (so they say) so im going to ring that morning first.

guest176454 guest176454 - 12/12/2016 19:45
This is going to sound controversial but I spent ages trying to get one and managed to buy it on Argos. I have played it a couple of times. I feel it wasnt worth all the hassle and hype. Yes its good to play super mario 3 again but there isn't enough decent games on there for the hype.

MattGlos MattGlos - 12/12/2016 20:11
just a word of warning Sainsburys charge 69.99 and not the £49.99 everywhere else is charging

chilly64 chilly64 - 12/12/2016 20:13
I think your'e probably right. If it wasn't in such short supply.......people probably wouldn't be going so crazy for this thing! There are much easier ways to play all these games too.

guest176454 guest176454 - 12/12/2016 21:13
So if anyone is thinking about paying ebay prices. Dont its not worth it. If you have more money then sense. Then go for ebay but trust me you will be disappointed.

guest198929 guest198929 - 12/12/2016 21:22
Thanks so much for the comments Guys! You people who aren't overly impressed, is £50 worth it? I prob would have decided no if it wasn't a present but she'll Deffo be getting an I owe you if I can't get one beforehand x

chilly64 chilly64 - 12/12/2016 21:39
It's not that I'm not impressed. It's a great little thing but, it's not worth any more than 50 quid. ebay prices are nuts and if people pay these prices then, they're just encouraging scalpers to do this every Christmas! If you've got 150 quid to spend, I'd recommend buying a GPD XD. It's a handheld that can play all these games and much more and connect to your tv. It's great.

guest176454 guest176454 - 12/12/2016 22:02
I agree. Its not worth more than 50 quid. Wont be surprised if it drops to 30 quid in 6.months time. Also ebay sellers will drop their prices after Christmas. Let them sweat over having 10 units in stock and cant sell them. They are the reason you can't buy her one

Samlouise Samlouise - 12/12/2016 22:04
Thanks guys, if there was lots in stock no obe would be asking & Mattglos you know what i was in sains today and they said there was 2 instock for £69.99 i said no they are £49.99 so i thought thats not it then oh well ive already skint myself dry with presents and could do with buying it from argos as i have a voucher i need to rid so im not going to pay £70 its ridiculous, why is it more the money grabbers lol im not too fussed about it i just like all the games on it really. Good luck guys!

Nintendomini Nintendomini - 12/12/2016 22:45
I managed to get one from argos in bromborough a couple of weeks ago. Got some extension cab,es and a second controller off amazon, hubby and i he been playing it every night once the kids go to bed! It takes seconds to set uo. Its pretty basic games, but our 4 kids ( and us! ) are going to love it. We have nevere had a games console as a family so they will be delighted. I tink if kids are used to the more modern type of console they may be disappointed in the graphics, but nice and basic as a first console. Xx

guest204964 guest204964 - 13/12/2016 15:23
I'm gonna wait, the whole reason I want it is because it's a reasonable price! Plus after all this hoo haa, I'll probably find owning one an anti climax! I suppose it's different for people with kids though. Nintendo sure messed this one up!

matt925b matt925b - 16/12/2016 09:43
I'm not a fan of the resellers but I feel Nintendo should get more of the blame. They didn't produce enough units and then keep giving vague answers about stock. Never a date, just 'they're coming'. Very poor

guest198929 guest198929 - 16/12/2016 09:51
I have given up hope of one being under our Christmas tree this year! I'm glad I haven't used ebay looking at the comments but my daughter will be disappointed! X

guest154297 guest154297
11/12/2016 22:34
Wil northern ireland be getting any

guest203314 guest203314
11/12/2016 12:53
Managed to get my hand on one! 2 Argos stores in Scotland both had 1 stock is getting replenished just little bits at a time
Samlouise Samlouise - 11/12/2016 15:20
Did you reserve online or just ask in store?

guest203314 guest203314 - 11/12/2016 16:01
Asked in store they found it in another store so they reserved it for me

Channie Channie
10/12/2016 14:06
Ordered mine on the 26/11 fast track. Date given to 1/12 to 9/12. Been ringing everyday to see it's arrived. Got the date expended to the 15th. Rang customer services today to be told its in store and he will reserve it. Went straight to Argos and it's not the right item even tho the description given was a nes mini. Store manager informed me a box has gone missing from delivery and it must have been on there. Now told not coming into business till the 6/1/17. To top it off I popped into Argos the beginning of the week for a member of staff to say they sold six earlier in the day from the store. I'm absolutely 😤
Channie Channie - 10/12/2016 14:07
Sorry rant over 😜

guest216807 guest216807
10/12/2016 09:23
Just tried my local argos and she said her warehouse wouldn't have stock till the 6th of January and she checked all the other local stores if they had any with no luck.
guest191420 guest191420 - 10/12/2016 09:28
Where in the UK are you?

Samlouise Samlouise - 10/12/2016 11:35
My partner has just been to argos & told him to keep checking back & at Game will be 6th jan too

guest216807 guest216807 - 11/12/2016 02:15
Am in the north east of scotland so the check she did was including the 6 stores in this area

usmanscooby usmanscooby
10/12/2016 09:20
they do not even have it on their site anymore... this is crazy, they have the stock but they are playing the customers, like all companies do to create a big massive hype for Christmas
matt925b matt925b - 10/12/2016 09:23
Hayes Station Road literally have three on a shelf in view of the shop but won't sell them as they aren't in the catalogue

Admin Administrator - 10/12/2016 09:29
Lots of "chatter" that Argos have just received more stock, hopefully they will add to their website again soon. We will then restart the Argos store tracker.

matt925b matt925b - 10/12/2016 10:29
I tried to snap a picture but they weren't keen on me doing that!

MikeyM MikeyM
10/12/2016 08:56
I got one last week from Alnwick argos, 30 min drive so wasn't too bad. It was pure luck that I was on stock checker at the time when argos updated the system or I'd still not have one. Thanks stock checker and good luck to all who need one. Poor effort on Nintendo's part for not producing enough units when they could have had this in the bag month's ago.

guest204964 guest204964
09/12/2016 21:15
Just got a tweet from Argos saying there is no plan for more stock at the moment, they are denying all knowledge of the quote in the daily express about having more in too :-(
janet5656 janet5656 - 09/12/2016 21:39
Well there was the original tweet aswell from the argos helper stating that more stock would be due around the 9th December.

Samlouise Samlouise
09/12/2016 14:47
Been to the wolverhampton store this morning, its not in stock workers are going on like theye never heard of the game?? lol. I dont mind travelling a few hours to get it my kids, Before xmas would be terrific.
guest198287 guest198287 - 09/12/2016 15:06
Argos have appeared to have removed it completely from the catalogue/online as no stock atm

Samlouise Samlouise - 09/12/2016 15:24
It was there this morn on the store comupter 2 different cat numbers one said availble for home deliv other not available so i was like oooh yeah in my head waiting at the till. Its frustrating i wish i pre ordered but didnt think getting it later on would be this hard to find.

Samlouise Samlouise - 09/12/2016 15:33
Fingers crossed anyway for alert on my pc!

janet5656 janet5656 - 09/12/2016 16:02
I bet anything Argos get it in again before Christmas. Its a bit unusual that they have taken it off the system but it is still there on the computers in the store ready for when they put it back on to the websites. They are being bery quiet about it especially because of the cancelled orders that were there. Thats partly why they took it off the system. Most chances are it will be here this weekend.

guest204755 guest204755 - 09/12/2016 17:35
I have just bought one for delivery on the app

guest198287 guest198287 - 09/12/2016 17:43
All it brings up is a power adopter when I search through the app

guest204755 guest204755 - 09/12/2016 17:46
I had it in my trolley for ages and it let me check out today for Monday delivery. Whether I get it or not i don't know

janet5656 janet5656 - 09/12/2016 17:55
If its delivery probably not as a lot of deliverys were cancelled and argos dont usually send out deliverys of items that are sought especially coupled with the fact that thew supply is quite low. It probably worked because it was left there from when it was in stock. It might just end up getting cancelled.=

janet5656 janet5656 - 09/12/2016 17:56
Well even though you had it in u trolley for ages how often had you been trying to check it out.

Samlouise Samlouise - 09/12/2016 18:07
Oh im jealous! will let ppl know if i get to order one and where dont forget that littlewoods, 24 studio & Ace****** have it listed but out stock but keep checking back. Smile

guest204755 guest204755 - 09/12/2016 18:08
I have tried checking out every day. There wasn't any stock when I put it in my trolley either

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