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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Gameseek

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Gameseek
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janet5656 janet5656
15/05/2017 13:11
HI. I think that Game seek has a new website so will the stock alert still work for this website.

LeighLovell LeighLovell
30/11/2016 12:10
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check out asda. google.. asda + nintendo classic, just pre ordered 1 for next week.
guest190263 guest190263 - 06/12/2016 10:45
Have u received yours yet?

LeighLovell LeighLovell - 07/12/2016 13:39
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nope not yet hopefully in the next few days.

LeighLovell LeighLovell - 12/12/2016 11:37
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had mine delivered this morning hope you receive your soon as well.

Guest196054 Guest196054
30/11/2016 11:13
Took my money & 5 days later emailed to say no stock, still waiting for my refund!!!
NRL NRL - 30/11/2016 11:43
Seems to be a recurring thing. Once they've got your money, they fob you off about a refund!

Firestorm9 Firestorm9 - 30/11/2016 12:00
all the while sitting in their, no doubt already huge, bank account gaining the company interest Shocked

Zoeanne26 Zoeanne26
26/11/2016 16:45
Showing as in stock on the website but no option to add to basket

Guest185844 Guest185844
26/11/2016 01:24
It's been falsely showing as "In Stock" for hours now. I could understand if it was up for 5-10 minutes to catch up with all the order being placed but this is just troll-worthy at this point. More and more people stop by the site getting all hyped that they've found one and it kills their hopes as soon as they attempt to add it to cart. Sort it out already, GameSeek.
harmony802005 harmony802005 - 26/11/2016 02:24
Yep I got hype and thought finally I found A Nintendo class mini :/ ,tried Argos to but that not delivery to where I live nor can I pick it up from my local Argos x

guest164231 guest164231
26/11/2016 00:53
just gonna refresh til i cba staying up
guest185819 guest185819 - 26/11/2016 01:18
Try Argos... tried for a while and got one in Bolton... didn't come up until last try. Keep trying! Got two so I will have a happy girlfriend and best friend!

Janmor Janmor
26/11/2016 00:46
Been withdrawn

guest175100 guest175100
26/11/2016 00:25
Just says in stock I got from argos

guest171895 guest171895
26/11/2016 00:23
Can't add to basket?

guest175100 guest175100
26/11/2016 00:20
In stock now

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