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Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock at Maplin

Discuss Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES Stock @ Nintendo Classic Mini Entertainment System NES at Maplin
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krikey krikey
26/04/2017 16:07
think I would gladly pay £100 for a brand new one right now,just witnessed a young guy pay cex £180.

Admin Administrator
25/11/2016 17:08
OK guys, by popular demand, I will take this listing down. We never agreed with the price, just wanted to give people the option.

guest170845 guest170845
25/11/2016 17:06
for all you who did buy dont FORGET to price match it does it maplins clearly states this and for thoese of you that they say no too fight this as you will win and they will get in to big trouble if they dont honour this. please let use know how you get on.
guest170845 guest170845 - 25/11/2016 17:07
sorry for typo errors

guest184328 guest184328
25/11/2016 17:02
Terrible behaviour , i thought it was illegal for a shop to sell for more than RRP? Ive tweeted complaint at them and have * nintendo. Everyone should do the same!

guest161869 guest161869
25/11/2016 17:00
Nintendo's site used to say that they were getting some more stock on December 9th. Just wait until then, don't let Maplin rip you off.

guest137115 guest137115
25/11/2016 16:59
People please dont spend that much on it, this whole situation happened when the original Wii was released they will become abundant soon enough.

jane lynch jane lynch
25/11/2016 16:58
boycott maplin , you cheeky b**tards !!! at least ronbin hood wore a mask!!!

Firestorm9 Firestorm9
25/11/2016 16:55
What a joke!!!!!!!!!!! double the price from a retailer Mad shame on you Maplin

hooters hooters
25/11/2016 16:55
F*** Off Maplin!!!!

guest174281 guest174281
25/11/2016 16:47
i panicked and bought one! Sad i feel like a right idiot but now at least i know i will have one in time for xmas! he will be a happy boy!
guest170845 guest170845 - 25/11/2016 17:22
This is what they want your not an idiot they are playing everyone but now you have the chance to even that out take a picture now of the online price of both your one and another site and if you want you can go as far as getting an Argos chrismas Catalog use this and your pictures you have which have the item and price of £49.99 when you go to pay tell them you want a price promise which they honour and they should not charge you more then the £49.99. if they do you can take this home and just take this furture to consumer law as they are not doing what they should

guest109440 guest109440
25/11/2016 16:47
Are they having a laugh, I can see people on eBay doing this but for a store to double the price is terrible

Boutonneux Boutonneux
25/11/2016 16:37
Robbing gits.

guest153042 guest153042
25/11/2016 16:34
Like This Item
extortionate £99!!!!

guest173192 guest173192
25/11/2016 16:34
So close once more, yet so far again. £99 is mental.

Janmor Janmor
25/11/2016 16:34
Won't ever shop with these! Companies already make a profit on items but this is just greedy!

Sharily McDenman Sharily McDenman
25/11/2016 16:33
Agreed. Total rip off. I got one at Argos today by sheer luck. Went on and saw stock. Got one and seconds later out of stock! Keep trying!

guest64780 guest64780
25/11/2016 16:31
Joke!! £99! U should be ashamed maplins 😡😡😡😡

shorty3576 shorty3576
25/11/2016 16:31
wont be paying that price. no better than ebay

Guest128040 Guest128040
25/11/2016 16:31
Santa Greet Dance Wink Big Grin Mad Smile

guest169645 guest169645
25/11/2016 16:31
£99 ??? From a so called legitimate shop? Shouldn't be allowed.

guest169645 guest169645
25/11/2016 16:30
£99?? From a proper shop.

Guest128040 Guest128040
25/11/2016 16:30
what a con. I wont be buying from Maplin

guest114763 guest114763
25/11/2016 16:30
Almost had a heart attack when I c in stock lol then I c the price no thank u
Zoeanne26 Zoeanne26 - 25/11/2016 16:30
My thoughts exactly

guest137115 guest137115
25/11/2016 16:28
£99? No thanks I'll keep waiting.

Obs-pcs Scunthorpe Obs-pcs Scunthorpe
25/11/2016 16:27
what a rip off
guest183772 guest183772 - 25/11/2016 16:56

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