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Argos Suspend Online LeapPad Reservations

Posted 07 December 2011 - By Mike Green

Argos have today suspended all online reservations of both the LeapPad and Innotab for in-store pick ups.

The likely reason behind this move is the dubious practice of traders reserving these hard to find items all over the country and then selling the reservation codes on eBay to make a quick and easy profit. Codes had been selling for between £5 and £25.

Argos have been generally powerless to stop this practice, however when alerted on individual cases, a few Argos stores have cancelled the codes before they were used.

Argos introduced a similar suspension of reserving Toffee the Pony last December 2010 which was subsequently re-introduced just after Christmas.

This latest move by Argos, whilst stopping the eBay traders, will only make it even more difficult for customers to track down a LeapPad or Innotab (especially as Argos have the sole exclusive distribution rights to the Pink Coloured Innotab).

Our current advice is to telephone around your local Argos stores to check for stock.

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