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LeapFrog Predicts Sales of 100K LeapPads

Posted 07 November 2011 - By Mike Green

Stock shortages of the LeapPad Explorer Tablet are continuing to cause problems for Christmas shoppers.

It has been reported that LeapFrog (the LeapPad Manufacturers) have now stopped taking bulk orders from retailers and expect to sell 100,000 by the end of 2011.

The last few days has seen very little online stock. had stock of the LeapPad Green between 5pm Thursday (3/11) and 1am Friday morning, whilst have been taking orders over the last few days for delivery in a few weeks time (even this finished at 3.30pm today).

There are three retailer websites we are keeping a particular close eye on for potential stock. Tesco, and John Lewis. These retailers websites have been very quiet over the last month with regards to LeapPad stock. Although, in the case of Tesco and John Lewis it may well be that they are directing most of the stock they receive directly to their high street stores as opposed to selling it online. Either way, the one thing for sure is that the demand is going to continue to exceed supply all the way to Christmas.

Here at Stock Informer we will continue to monitor retailer websites for the LeapPad with immediate notificactions when stock is found.

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