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Thanks for all your messages of support, here are some more of messages we have received:-

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Francesca Francesca
12/10/2017 14:44:10
"I managed to get what I wanted thanks to you. Thanks a million!"
Alison Alison
12/10/2017 16:05:56
"Thank you so much for the alerts on stock of the lol big surprise. I managed to get one yesterday from Argos. Will have one very happy girl at Christmas. Thanks again"
Georgina Mahaffey Georgina Mahaffey
12/10/2017 17:05:24
"Thank you so much your email sent to me got me the item. Thank you very much."
M Flaxman M Flaxman
12/10/2017 17:28:25
"Great service made it possible to pre order much needed Christmas present many thanks"
Naomi Charley Naomi Charley
13/10/2017 10:41:20
"Brilliant service. I was able to purchase what I was after promptly after a notification. Thank you."
Terry Terry
14/10/2017 07:27:30
"Thank you for the stock notifications. I eventually managed to purchase what I had been looking for! Probably couldn’t have done it without your help! "
Me Me
15/10/2017 10:13:47
"I can't thank you enough I am now the proud owner of 2 lol big surprises that I reserved and picked up from argos for my 2 girls who will be so so happy my advice to anyone don't give up and pay silly money on eBay use stock informer they will do there best I would recommend to everyone!!!!!!!!"
Ann Mckearney Ann Mckearney
17/10/2017 09:18:11
"Got luvabella doll when you sent e-mail great service "
Tony Bird Tony Bird
19/10/2017 05:50:52
"EXCELLENT ... although I initially questioned whether the email updates really worked as JL was always out of stock when I responded to the email, I persevered, and finally SUCCESS!! After that everything worked like clockwork, right down to the tracker emails. Result...I know am the proud owner of the Lego Saturn V model...counting the days to Christmas. I would thoroughly recommend 'Stock Informer' to anyone after anything that is proving difficult to get. Sign up, then persevere ... it worked for me."

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